What is Excel Learn?

Excel Learn is an online tutoring platform for students to learn from experienced tutors, through live interactive classes, from the comforts of home. During a live online class, students can see the tutor teaching, participate in quizzes and ask questions in real-time. Students can also watch the video playback of their lessons. It’s flexible, hassle-free and convenient, as students can learn from the comfort of their homes, anytime.

Who are our customers

Our learners include:
- Young children learning the English and Chinese language
- Primary 3 to JC 2 students
- Tertiary students
- Foreigners learning English and Maths for AEIS examination
- Adults learning a foreign language for business / leisure
- Skill-Based eg Programming/ Art & Craft/ Culinary
... and we are pretty international!!! Apart from Singaporean students, we also have learners from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan and France.

Can we do Group tuition?

Yes, you can! Sometimes it is good to be able to interact with friends and learn together. However, you will benefit the most when you and your friends are about the same standard and progress together at about the same speed. Find your own classmates (up to 4 in a group). Drop us a message on who is in your study group, and we will do the rest.

P/S: If a student falls behind and is unable to follow, teacher might recommend additional hours for the student (charged separately), or disband the group. By disbanding the group, students would have to top up fees for 1-to-1 tuition as group tuition is usually charged at a discount rate.

Learn and progress together
...and save your parents some tuition fees!!!